It really amazes me…

Reflecting on my actions yesterday, I chuckle, why, because it really amazes my how Gods & Earths criticize me and what I post online, when my self have seen Gods & Earth go through so many emotions over the net. Especially Gods! Right here in D-Mecca cipher! Ranting, spazzing out,  accusing them lying, and stealing, causing them to fight one another, yet when Arabia, Atahrah, the Queen, or as some see me, just Allpowerful’s young earth Mother, goes to Facebook to “voice” her frustration, she’s not the #Earth. Good thing I took a dose of fuck it! Last night, cause really with my raging hormones and lack of mental and emotional support who knows if I would have been able to stop crying and close my eyes for rest, and stop my wandering mind.  I just don’t understand the judgment people throw down like they really are that #Allpowerful to dictate who is worthy or not.  I have literally heard Gods talk about their so-called brothers earths and Queen in a real uncivilized manner and turn right back around to call them sister to their face. Huh? I’m not fronting for facebook, your face , my book,  Twitter or MySpace, or any or form of digital media to express the lack of help,  I receive, knowledge I have, love and support from ANYONE. . So, I take their name calling and disrespect with a grain of salt. Lol, I’m like Paula Deen, if any of ya’ll be without sin, pick up that rock and throw it at me, lol, not! I have been the main, and major support for a cipher, that by ones own words I didn’t create for three years, through two pregnancies, and the Stress, has finally taken a Huge toll on my sanity. Simply as far as, how are we gonna make it when I’ve had anxiety attacks and no adult is here to help me, tend to the children daily? I building my self back up from the destroying so many black men did to me. Really not alone , some beautiful black, wise, and honest sisters, say they will help, and for that I’m grateful.


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