A blast from the Past

Bright Lights – Joe Black (by yafavoriterapper)

Monday August 6, 2012 some life was restored to my ever so needful soul,when I was reunited with my family , my team, my brothers from DETROITRAPTv. For the resurgence of the most Popular Locally Produced Hip Hop Tv show in the State of Michigan.

With, Stanley ” Big Diesel” Nunn, $MoneyMitch$ Susan Black, JoeBlack aka “the Host” aka Yafavoriterapper” aka Plain Brown Rapper, DR “cameraman” Charlie ” My Big Brother”, Frost Boss and New recruits, Jhane  (sorry for the spelling) , lil Cuz. and of course me ” COOP”.  We are palining a reunion show this Fall , but you can look for us as soon as this week. We will be out and about throughout the city and tri-county area to be filming and doing what we do best, Show Casing the talented artist, and reppin Detroit along the way. When more information become available you will be updated , until then Peace.

-Coop the P.A. aka. Queen

This is the video from Joe Black’s mixtape Plain Brown Rapper Available now!



u see me

Looking out her window